About us

Armed with genuine enthusiasm, passion for travel and over two decades of experience in tourism business

People behind the brand

In 2005, armed with genuine enthusiasm, passion for travel and 9 years of experience in the tourism business, we threw ourselves into the (Slovenian incoming tourism) game. A new agency was born offering travelers countless opportunities to discover Slovenia at reasonable prices, but most importantly, in an extremely original and flexible way.

From small groups in our vans exploring Slovenia above and beyond, we have come a long way. The small groups stayed, but the variety of tours and experiences outgrew our best hopes and expectations. And so there came more groups, more tours, more excitement, and bigger challenges! With dedication and hard work, we have turned our services into unique travel experiences and succeeded in achieving the largest market share in the Slovene incoming tourism business for individual travelers. Like back in the good old days, we still feel extremely privileged not to say honored, to be able to share such a beautiful piece of Earth, Slovenia, and its neighboring area, with the rest of the world.

We sincerely hope our paths cross soon, possibly over a delicious dinner at some local tavern with good Slovenian wine. Se vidimo!





Personal approach, flexibility, and professionalism have made Roundabout Travel a top-rated tour specialist based on guests’ reviews.

Uniqueness is key to creating extraordinary events. We believe that quality services can be provided by creating a sustainable environment, including business partners, employees, suppliers, and customers. We try to achieve that in everyday business.


Sustainable Philosophy

Roundabout Group aspires to establish itself as an example in lowering the environmental impact and to contribute to delivering positive environmental solutions in the Slovenian sustainable tourism field.

In 2017 we have been awarded with the Travelife international certificate for our sustainable orientation and promotion of sustainable tourism. As the first internationally certified travel agency in Slovenia, we are a proud member of the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism, committed to tourism based on the green economy, developing green business models, encouraging destinations to set up sustainable development models, and raising awareness of tourists, to focus on a more sustainable lifestyle and a friendlier attitude towards the environment.

We at Roundabout Travel are driven to provide quality services by creating a sustainable environment, including business partners, employees, suppliers, and customers.