The most Croatian of all Croatian towns

09.04.2020 Roundabout Travel

This charming little town close to the border has officially been a town since 1242 when King Béla IV awarded it with a charter giving it the status of a free royal market town. 

A place you will fall in love with at first glance! Walk along its beautiful streets and check out its most popular sites and learn about the local history and culture.


People of Samobor are famous for traditional crafts, the most famous being glass making, a hundred-year long successful tradition in this area. However, the industry saw several closings of big glass-making trades and factories, but, the love for glass making remained.

Samobor is also the perfect place for tasting local cuisine and wines. Some of the local drinks and sausage recipes are still kept as a highly-guarded secret, and every family has its own secret ingredient. One thing is certain: you don't want to leave Samobor without trying the famous vanilla cream cake "kremsnita".


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