Slovenian Weekend - Short and Sweet

19.03.2020 Roundabout Travel

Turn any three days into a wonderful Slovenian adventure 



  • Discover one of the most charming and friendliest European capitals – Ljubljana 
  • Head to the Slovenian Coast and grab some local red wine & prosciutto bites on the way 
  • Do not miss the country's highlights at Bled & Bohinj 



Slovenian Weekend is the best travel adventure for those in search of Slovenia’s main natural and cultural sights. You can cover the suggested itinerary in a weekend or choose any three days of your choice


Ljubljana turns out to be the perfect starting point to go out exploring other Slovenian regions. Wander around the streets and piazzas of Ljubljana - the Slovenian capital. A guided tour of the capital will make you fall in love with this charming piece of urban corner, displaying numerous architectural & cultural styles.  



Fill the day with a trip to the Slovenian Coast with stops on the way: the UNESCO Skocjan Caves, one of the largest and most beautiful Karst caves in Europe, to the local villages and taverns for some local Prosciutto & Wine, produced exclusively in this area of the world, by the strong wind bora that helps producing some of the best air-dried ham famous all over the country. Finish the day at the Slovenian coast in charming Piran.  



Time to head in the opposite direction, towards the mountains, the lakes and the absolute greenery that Slovenia is famous for. Spend the day exploring Bled, the magnificent Alpine resort with a mountain lake and a tiny island in the middle, an old castle with amazing views on the surrounding Alps and breathtaking beauty of Bled’s Vintgar gorge. Continue in Bohinj, located in the Triglav National Park. 



The 3-day itinerary can be tailored further on according to your wishes and additional features can be included. 



1. Short, but sweet 

It does not have to be a weekend, but any 3 days in your life that can be turned into a fabulous Slovenian adventure. Two of Roundabout's most rated tours are included in the package and a chance to experience the mountains as well as the sea.  

2. Comfortable clothes, shoes & swimsuit 

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Don't forget  a sweater / jacket for when in the cave and neither your swimsuit and towel for a jump in the sea or lake!  

3. Private tour – your own timings and schedules 

The best thing about private tours is that you can tailor the itinerary exclusively based on your wishes and preferences. Pick ups / drop offs at your chosen location. 


Contact us for any questions and assistance with arranging your package - we'll be happy to help.

Hope to see you in Slovenia soon!
Roundabout Team

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