Can't Help Falling in Love with sLOVEnia

24.03.2021 Roundabout Travel

Green is the new Red on Valentine's Day in Slovenia. It is not unusual for visitors to fall in love with Slovenia at first visit. Who can blame them, Slovenia carries love in its name. This charming green piece of land between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea offers numerous romantic settings to experience a lovely getaway just for the two of you, not only on Valentine’s Day but in all seasons of the year. Here is our selection of 7 lovely romantic locations / hotels / experiences to get out of traditional travel frames and experience Slovenia from a more romantic side. Valentine’s Day – bring it on. Who knows, you might as well end up considering locations below to get hitched in Slovenia someday:)


Sunset picnic on Piran city walls

Piran, the city built on salt, lying at the tip of the Slovenian land, is not only a must-visit site, but also one of the most charming towns. The medieval narrow streets, colorful Venetian facades, the scent of the sea, delicious culinary experiences and much more. Our top pick is climbing up the magnificent Piran city walls with a bottle of fantastic Slovenian wine or champagne and a romantic picnic basket. And off you go – watch the sunset surrounded by divine nature. Amazing views, stretching from Italy, to Croatia and far out in the Adriatic Sea.


Velenje Underground - gastronomic adventure 160 meters below the surface

It is not about a night club, but a culinary experience set 160 meters below the surface in a unique subterranean coal mining museum. Dinner is made from fresh, locally produced food. It is diligently prepared in accordance with traditional recipes of Villa Herberstein (link) and is served together with selected Slovenian wines. It is certainly not your usual restaurant experience to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


Romantic ride for two on board of Ljubljanica Boat

Ljubljanica Boat is the first and only wooden boat on the River Ljubljanica hand made in Slovenia. It offers a different kind of a sightseeing experience – a city tour from a completely different, mesmerizing and romantic perspective. Ljubljana Boat is a nice and original idea for boat trips, river transfers, panoramic city tours, romantic rides or even weddings. How cool is that?!


House Raduha – Sleep and Dream

Unusual accommodation experiences are a significant component of a unique travel getaway. House Raduha welcomes guests in interesting living units - an old hayrack, a tree house, and an old stall. Designed in perfect harmony with its natural setting, House Raduha is a brilliant architectural achievement that combines comfort and uniqueness. Guests can book their stay in one of many units available throughout the year and experience a dreamlike stay. The property is located in the old center of Luče in northern Slovenia.


Bled for two

Bled is usually on top of travellers’ bucket lists when planning their trip to Slovenia. It deserves such high rankings thanks to the fairy tale lake, the castle, the traditional pletna wooden boat and stunning mountain setting surrounding the town. Our Valentine’s travel tip is to rent the pletna wooden boat, paddle your way on the Lake Bled to the St. Mary’s Church on Bled Island and simply soak in unbelievable views you will hardly ever experience elsewhere. Boats are not your cup of tea? Take on your sports shoes and head to Ojstrica, probably the most popular viewing spot of Bled and its breath-taking natural phenomena from up high.


Heaven on Earth - Nebesa Tourist Houses

Your heaven on Earth! “Nebesa” in Slovenian literally means “heaven”. Located in the village of Livek, above Kobarid, the four chalets offer ultimate comfort high above. Surrounded by majestic mountains and the historical Kobarid area, that witnessed important WW1 events, the four Nebesa chalets take guests way above the hectic daily routine to step out of the busy schedules and urban city areas. “Silence is the best music” and the perfect romantic retreat far away form the bustling vibe of famous tourist attractions.


Zelenci Springs Natural Reserve

Situated at the northern edge of the Triglav National Park, close to Kranjska Gora, near the village of Podkoren and not far from the Slovenian border with Italy and Austria. Many visitors are blown away by this beauty of nature. The naturalist Sir Humphry Davy once wrote he has not seen anything so beautiful in Europe after visiting Zelenci in the 19th century. The name of the reserve originates from the clean green colour of the lake. It was officially declared a protected reserve due to its geological interest and as home to numerous endangered animal and plant species.

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