Big Balkan Tour in 14 Days

24.03.2021 Roundabout Travel


  • Dance your night away on Belgrade's floating bars 
  • Wander the streets of Zagreb, the historical, cultural, artistic and musical center of Croatia 
  • Unique natural wonder of Plitvice Lakes, charming in all seasons  
  • Walk the majestic Dubrovnik city walls and soak in the history of Split 
  • Discover one of the most charming and friendliest European capitals – Ljubljana 
  • Head to the Slovenian Coast and grab some local red wine & prosciutto on the way 
  • Do not miss the Alpine jewels at Bled & Bohinj 



The Big Balkan Tour brings the best of the Balkan peninsula from Montenegro to Ljubljana without missing any must see attractions. Leave nothing out: from notorious Croatian coastal cities, through historically important towns in Montenegro, to the lively Serbian capital via stunning national parks before landing in Slovenia, located where all Europe meets.  

This fantastic itinerary starts in Zagreb, the Croatian capital city and continues south to Belgrade, Kotor in Montenegro and eventually turns around through Sarajevo, the cultural jewel of the Balkans, Mostar, up the Dalmatian coast and finally lands in Slovenia. 



Each of the former Yugoslav federation capital cities offers a variety of historical & cultural backgrounds, colorful folk traditions and culinary delights. It is definitely your best opportunity to embrace the Balkans at once, where it is you who decides how long the journey will take. Set your starting point anywhere along the itinerary and set your ideal travel pace.  




Don't miss tips and hints on how to be well prepared and informed about what to expect during the Big Balkan Tour. Check tips below:

1. Be your own boss 

 Private tours give you the freedom to tailor up your own schedules & itineraries. The tour description serves as an example of how much can be covered in the 14 days at your disposal. Final arrangements are totally up to your selection. 

2. Go local, eat local, drink local 

Plenty of opportunities to taste some fantastic local delicacies along the way. Take every opportunity to sit at a local tavern, take a sip of local wine and a plate of unique local dishes.


Contact us for any questions and assistance with arranging your package - we'll be happy to help.

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